Chuck and Susan Robbins Go Natural Paint Co.


Go Natural Paint was developed by Chuck Robbins – a seasoned citrus grower in Mesa, AZ – and his wife Susan, in 2002, as a solution to the visual distraction that white tree trunks create in a landscape. After the completion of one particular and quite extensive landscaping project, Chuck and Susan were disappointed to note the fact that the eyes of the observers went only to the white tree trunks and failed to see the new plants, new walls, and the general purpose and overall beauty of the re-landscaping job. It was then that they decided to create a more natural-looking solution. After several failed attempts of adding liquid dyes to regular white latex paint, (it kept peeling and chipping just like white paint), Chuck and Susan teamed up Frazee chemical lab in San Diego, CA to develop Go Natural Paint. Go Natural Paint Co. has been satisfying customers and growing strong ever since.